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Do you have a larger amount of cryptocurrency and are now looking for investment opportunities? Or would you simply like to de-risk your portfolio with an asset like real estate?

Buying real estate in Cyprus with Cryptocurrency is now easier than ever. The complete purchase can be done online without you ever having to leave the comfort of your home. Whether you want to buy an apartment for residential purposes or you want to lend it out for rent, we can help you select and purchase the right property for you.

Advanteges of paying in crypto

Low transaction fees

No expensive banking and notary fees compared to buying traditionally.

Fast Transactions

The transaction using cryptocurrency is incredibly quick. You will own your new real estate in record time.

You are in control of the payment

The transaction is peer-to-peer between you and the developer. Meaning you remain in control of your assets and you cut out expensive middle parties.

Unhindered movement of capital internationally

Easily pay for your real estate in minutes without any international restrictions.

SIMPLE STEPS to buying your property


1. Pick your property

Choose between luxury new villas, studios, apartments, and penthouses.
Our team can guide you through various options and help you decide on the best location that suits your requirements.

2. Finalise contract
with the agent

Our agent will provide you support with your final choice of property. We want to make sure that the property fits your needs perfectly. Our agent will also provide you with all the necessary contracts and legal support.

3. Pay with crypto

Once you have selected the property that suits you best, safely transfer the Pound £ amount, with your favorite cryptocurrency to complete the payment. The list of accepted crypto currencies is here (link to kraken currencies). Did you know that you can get a loan using your crypto? Read about it here.

4. Become the owner

Receive the ownership documentation. You can move into your dream home, or rent it out for investment. Need help renting out property?
Contact our agent for our rental management services.









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